Malta Taxi Application

Revolutionize your travel experience with our cutting-edge app! Effortless booking, real-time updates, and a journey tailored to you. Elevate your ride – download now and let convenience be your co-pilot!

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How to Use Our App

Navigating the Malta Taxi App is a breeze! Follow these simple steps to book a taxi using our application, website, or by giving us a call. Here's a quick guide on how our fantastic app works: 

  1. Set Your Locations: 
    • Specify your pick-up and drop-off locations with ease. 
  2. Taxi Type Selection: 
    • Choose the type of taxi that suits your preferences and requirements. 
  3. Convenient Payment Options: 
    • Opt for your preferred payment mode - whether it's cash, wallet payment, or card payment. 
  4. Connect with Nearby Drivers: 
    • Once you've made your choices, get swiftly connected to nearby drivers who are ready to assist. 
  5. Real-Time Driver Tracking: 
    • Keep tabs on the exact location of your assigned driver in real-time, ensuring you're well-informed about their arrival. 
  6. Message or Call Your Driver: 
    • Need to provide additional details or have special instructions? Easily communicate with your driver through messaging or calling. 

​7. Explore Malta and Gozo Tours: 

  •  Discover more with our customised tours around Malta and Gozo. Tailor your experience to your needs, exploring the beauty of the islands at your pace. 

8. Enjoy Your Ride: 

  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy your journey with the confidence that Malta Taxi is taking care of your transportation needs